Title Description  
National Brands On Spec Slogans – All Voices Play
Cartoon Series Role Recurring Cartoon Series Principal Play
Folksy National TV On Spec Voice Over Play
Smooth National TV On Spec Voice Over Play
Characters On Spec National Radio Voices/writer Play
Political Radio VO Saskatchewan Market Play
Documentary Intro The Journey APTN Documentary series Play

Documentary Narration

The Journey APTN Series Narrator Play
Velveeta Cooking Instructor On Spec TV Voice Over Play
eLearning Narration ELearning Course Narration Play
Mellow On Spec National Jewelry VO/writer Play
Upscale On Spec Restaurant VO/writer Play
Radio Imaging Large Market Radio Contest Promo V/O Play
Telephone Menu Telephone Menu V/O Play
Comical Character Voice/writer Play
Character Comedy Characterization Radio V/O Play
Folksy Major Market Radio V/O Play
Business Local Market Services Radio SpotV/O Play
Hard Sell Parody Hard Sell V/O Play
Audio Book Audio Story Book V/O Play
Full Demo Edited Full Audio Demo Play